46th Orchestral Season

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Preservation and Perpetuation of the Classics 2023

Date and Time
8/4/2023 (Sat) 8:00pm
Sha Tin Town Hall Auditorium
Ticket Fee
$380, $300, $250, $200
Rupert Woo Pak Tuen
Performed by
Hong Kong Young Chinese Orchestra
Narration: Li Kai Man
Percussion: Kam Pok Man
Now into the third edition, the Preservation and Perpetuation of the Classics series has been a showcase and platform for young composers of Hong Kong and the Hong Kong Young Chinese Orchestra. It also endorses once again the HKCO’s mission to nurture talent, preserve musical traditions, and present to an ever-growing audience a new world of innovative music.

Prelude of Dagger Society (Soundtrack from the movie Buddha's Palm)                Shang Yi

Evening Light                                                                                                            Ho Man-hin (Commissioned by HKCO / World Premiere) 

Instruments of the Chinese Orchestra: A Musical Guide                                          Kuan Nai-chung

Narration: Li Kai Man

Guo Feng (The fifth movement of The Feng, Ya, Song Symphony)                          Zhao Jiping

Days of Happiness                                                                                                     Zhu Jianer

Animal Suite (excerpts)                                                                                            Liu Xing

The 2nd movement: The Little Panda that Daydreams 

The 4th movement: The Little Lapdog that Dances

Percussion Concerto Flying Dragon and Leaping Tiger                                              Li Minxiong

Percussion: Kam Pok Man

The concert runs approximately 70 minutes with a 20-minute intermission.