47th Orchestral Season

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Pastoral Harmony

Date and Time
20/4/2024 (Sat) 8:00pm
Hong Kong City Hall Concert Hall
Ticket Fee
$380, $300, $250, $200
Sun Peng
Performed by
Pipa: Zhang Yadi

"Harmony" is the harmonization of musical notes, as well as the harmony between heaven and earth. 

The harmony and beauty of the ecosystem are the most precious treasures bestowed upon humanity by nature. In response to global climate change and the protection of beautiful natural landscapes, the Chinese government has put forward the policy of "protecting mountains, rivers, forests, farmlands, lakes, grasslands and sands." 

In response to the rallying call to live in harmony with the natural environment, the HKCO has lined up a programme which recreate the environmental backgrounds of different landscapes.

The Big Tide (from Sound Portrait of Qiantang River) Wang Yunfei (Hong Kong Premiere)

Tone Poem Dream of Bathing in HuaQing (Act III of the Dance Drama Dream Back to the Tang Dynasty) Han Lankui (Hong Kong Premiere)

Portraits of Mount Wuyi Landscape Liu Bin (Hong Kong Premiere)
1. Jade Maiden Peak
2. Sailing on the Nine-bend River
3. Tea Harvesting
4. Ode to the Nine-bend River

Pipa Concerto Late Autumn Li Bochan
Pipa: Zhang Yadi

Symphonic Poem The Sound of Water Yan Huichang

The first movement – The Waterfall

The second movement – The Lake (guqin and orchestra)

  Guqin: Qiu Shuang

The third movement – From Streams to Surging Rivers

The fourth movement – The Ocean

The third and fourth movements will be played continuously without pauses.

The concert runs approximately 86 minutes with a 15-minute intermission.