46th Orchestral Season

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A Legacy of Exotic Lyricism

Date and Time
24/6/2023 (Sat) 8:00pm
25/6/2023 (Sun) 3:00pm
Hong Kong Cultural Centre Studio Theatre
Ticket Fee
$300, $250
Performed by
Programme Coordinator:Yim Hok Man
Master of Ceremonies: Lo Wai Leung
Dizi: Sun Yongzhi
Sanxian: Zhao Taisheng
Suona, Guan, Whistle: Liu Hai
HKCO Folk Music Ensemble
Yuen Shi Chun is not able to participate in this perfomance, please visit the updated pieces below.
This HKCO series is designed with a focus on Cantonese music, and showcases its diversity that springs from its innate ability to assimilate diaspora elements as constant, refreshing input. This season’s A Legacy of Exotic Lyricism concert has selected vernacular tunes from Shandong, lyrical pieces from Jiangnan, dramatic enactments of Shanxi Clapper Opera, and timeless favourites of the Cantonese instrumental repertoire.

Ensemble The Dragon Boat Race Cantonese Music He Liu-tang With Adaptation & Arrangement by Lau Chung-man et al

Ensemble A Song of Triumph Ancient Tune       Arr. by Lo Wai Leung

Dizi Solo The Flying Partridges Ancient Tune    Arr. By Zhao Songting

Dizi: Sun Yongzhi


Five-piece Combo Rain Lashing on the Plantain Ancient Tune 

Slack Bow Combo Jingling Bells of the Hungry Horse Ancient Tune

Five-piece Combo United We Go Traditional Music Adapted. by Yan Laolie
Wind and Percussion Music of Shandong    Everlasting Joy Liu Hanlin       Arr. by Li Ka-wa

Jiangnan Sizhu Going to the Fair                          Notation by Tong Leung-tak 

Jiangnan Sizhu Happy Time                                  Notation by Tong Leung-Lak

Henan Folk music Shi-Ba-Ban                               Arr. by Zhao Taisheng

Sanxian: Zhao Taisheng

Northern Jin Clapper Tune Three in Confrontation Arr. by Hu Jinquan Compiled
by Wang Gaolin
Suona, Guan, Whistle: Liu Hai

Five-piece Combo and Orchestra The Red ‘Shuang-Xing-Hen’ 
Cantonese Music Arr. by Lo Wai Leung
Dizi, Guan, Suona: Lo Wai Leung Eco-Erhu: Xu Hui
Yangqin: Chang Chia-hsiang Daruan: Lau Yuek-lam Percussion: Luk Kin Bun

The concert runs approximately 82 minutes with a 15-minute intermission.