45th Orchestral Season

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Date and Time
19/2/2022 (Sat) 8:00 pm
HKCO Recital Hall
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Performed by
Programme Coordinator, Liuqin, Zhongruan: Chiu Chieh-an
Sheng:Wei Shen-fu
Ensemble Concert
Xiaoruan / liuqin virtuoso Chiu Chieh-an and sheng virtuoso Wei Shen-fu break down traditional Chinese music conventions with an inspiring and masterful performance of Chinese and international hits, showcasing the distinct sounds of their instruments while incorporating multimedia art.
Percussion Quartet     The Romping Golden Pheasants (Excerpt)     Daliuzi of the Tujia 
Ethnic Minority Group Arr. by Tian Longxin Compiled by Li Zhengui

Soprano Sheng and Orchestra     Tambourin Chinois     Fritz Kreisler Arr. by Wei Shen-fu
(Arrangement commissioned by the HKCO / Premiere)               
Soprano Sheng: Wei Shen-fu

The Murmuring Brook     Yunnan folk song Arr. by Chen Yi-wei 

(Arrangement commissioned by the HKCO / Premiere)

Soprano Sheng and Zhongruan Duet     August Nocturne     Wu Kwan-yu                                  

Soprano Sheng: Wei Shen-fu

Zhongruan: Chiu Chieh-an

Soprano Sheng Solo     Animato     Wei Shen-fu

(World Premiere)

Soprano Sheng: Wei Shen-fu

Liuqin, 37-reed Sheng and Orchestra     Having a Shrew as Wife     Wen Yin-Chen  

 (Commissioned by the HKCO / World Premiere)

Liuqin: Chiu Chieh-an
37-reed Sheng: Wei Shen-fu

Zhongruan Quartet     Tuesday Gatherings     Liu Xing
Zhongruan: Chiu Chieh-an, Fung Yin Lam, Wu
Man-lin, Chan Shuk Har

Double Lusheng and Chinese Wind-and-Percussion     The Joys of a Bumper Harvest     Yang Changshu Compiled by Wei Shen-fu  
Lusheng: Wei Shen-fu, Yuen Kin Hei

Liuqin and A Cappella Chorus     Sending the Tiger Back to Its Mountain Hideout
Arr. by Wang Huiran and Wang Hongyi A cappella chorus adapted by Hsu Tzu-wei   (Arrangement commissioned by the HKCO / Premiere)
Liuqin: Chiu Chieh-an
A cappella Chorus on Video: Chiu Chieh-an,
Hsu Tzu-wei, Mak Ka Yin, Wei Shen-fu, Yuen Kin Hei

Liuqin and Soprano Sheng     Two Sabre Heroines     Chen Yi-wei   (Commissioned by the HKCO / World Premiere)
Liuqin: Chiu Chieh-an
Soprano Sheng: Wei Shen-fu