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HKCO Chinese Music MV

Dragon Phoenix

“Air of auspiciousness arises from lanterns of dragon and phoenix. Thousand shades of purple and red announce the arrival of Spring to the world”.

80 Chinese New Year lanterns that cast light on 80 musicians and two dancing lions from high above create a stunningly dynamic scene of a soaring dragon with the lineup of bianzhong, Jiangzhou big drum, and 32 types of wind, plucked string, bowed string and percussion instruments. The score of Dragon Phoenix is inspired by the phonemics of the Cantonese dialect in the new year greetings recited, and hidden in it are many famous songs on the Chinese New Year theme. The result is an audio-visual montage of auspicious new year wishes, just like the red couplets one finds everywhere during this festive season.

Winter Days

HKCO’s Chinese music MV, Yuqing, Bianqing and Eco-huqin Sextet 'Winter Days', marks a rare effort to deploy macro lens and high-definition recording to present the eco-huqin (an instrumental series created by the HKCO) and the yuqing (a jade stone chime used in ancient rituals in China) in a modern work. The remarkable quality of the audiovisual production – in terms of recording, sound mixing and camera work – makes this a gem in Chinese music. More than a thousand audio tracks were used for multi-angle recording and shooting, thus recreating with amazing precision the texture unique to the eco-huqin and its comparatively more brilliant and robust timbres right before the eyes of the viewers.

Moon Chaser

Following the release of the first of the Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra’s series of music videos on the theme of Chinese festivals, Dragon Boat, which went viral online, here is the second in the series, Moon Chaser. An amazing visual display of the versatility of Chinese plucked-string instruments through the macro lens. From all of us at HKCO, Happy Moon Festival!

Dragon Boat

The Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra will be launching a series of music videos on the theme of Chinese festivals in the near future. With the Dragon Boat Festival coming up, the community cannot hold dragon boat races this year as we need to observe social distancing advice and avoid large crowd gatherings. As an alternative, HKCO offers you the MV titled Dragon Boat! Dragon boat racing is a time-honoured custom in China, and is believed to have the efficacy of warding off epidemics and evils. We have commissioned a new work titled Dragon Boat by local composer, Ng King-pan, with performance by the Orchestra’s musicians. A music video of the same title has also been created by a local production crew led by young director Cheung Kit Bong. We hope the near-virtual sights and sounds of dragon boat races would bring you a happy, safe and healthy holiday!

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